How to teach LAMDA Examinations

You do not require any specific training or qualifications in order to teach learners and prepare them for LAMDA examinations. Similarly, we don't dictate how you approach the teaching, how often you see the learners or in what format you conduct your classes.

All the subject requirements are detailed in the individual syllabuses which you can download or purchase online, but we leave the specific teaching approach and timeline up to you and your learners.

If you are interested in taking a specific qualification prior to starting your teaching, we recommend the LAMDA Diploma in Speech and Drama Education (LSDE) or the LAMDA Certificate in Speech and Drama: Performance Studies (PCertLAM), however these are not mandatory. You can find out more information about these qualifications here.

We also have a Directory of LAMDA Teachers which represents a list of those wishing to advertise the fact that they are preparing learners for LAMDA examinations. Please note, they are not employed by LAMDA and are therefore not endorsed by us either.

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