Making Independent Applications for Funding

There are a number of UK and overseas charities, trusts and foundations that can assist students with their fees and living costs. These organisations are generally able to make only small grants (£50-£500) and many have very specific criteria to determine who they help. It is therefore very important that you thoroughly research any you wish to approach before you make an application.

Note: we ask that you do not contact any of LAMDA’s current supporters. This is integral to our ongoing fundraising efforts. You will find a complete list of current LAMDA supporters here.

If you are interested in making an independent application for funding, you may find the following websites useful: 

For UK Students

For US Students 

For Other Non-EU International Students 

You should also try contacting the Department of Education in your home country for details of any government scholarships or loans available for overseas study.

Note: the websites and agencies listed are for your information and do not carry any endorsement from LAMDA.

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