Equality and Diversity

LAMDA operates an Equality & Diversity policy and we welcome applications from disabled students.

We do not discriminate on the grounds of disability, ethnicity, gender, sexuality or religion. LAMDA does, however, judge applicants critically on their suitability for a course, according to their ability and their potential to successfully complete the training. The work is rigorous and requires high levels of energy and commitment.

In our admissions process, we are committed to supporting students with disabilities. Disabled students are encouraged to disclose their needs so that we can endeavour to meet them during the audition process and subsequent training. 

We recognise that everyone is an individual. We will work with students to identify potential barriers to training and will do what we can to remove those barriers. We will make any reasonable adjustment to ensure that disabled students can train at LAMDA.

Our Registrar is equipped to answer queries about the support available for disabled applicants/students and can be reached by email at admissions@lamda.org.uk.

You will find additional information for disabled applicants and students at all of the schools affiliated to the Conservatoire for Dance and Drama here: http://www.cdd.ac.uk/student-info/disability-support/  

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